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Making a will allows you to make financial provision and provide for the future well being of your family and next of kin should anything happen to you. In addition to ensuring that your wishes upon passing are implemented, a Will can also lead to a significant tax saving on your estate and speed up and ease the difficult and often upsetting process for your family. We can guide you through the process of making a Will and deal with any legal or taxation issues that may arise during the process. In preparing your Will, we would advise you to consider the following carefully:

  • Making sure that you are aware of who will inherit your property after you
  • Choose carefully the property that you with to distribute
  • Elect an executor or executrix who will instruct a Solicitor to handle the estate matters and oversee the process
  • Select guardians and trustees to take care of the property of your minor children.

A Will can be revoked at any time subject to capacity requirements and most of our clients will make a number of Wills as their circumstances change and with our guidance.

We generally recommend to clients to consider the creation of an Enduring Power of Attorney when making a Will. Further details on an Enduring Power of Attorney are hereinafter set out in this section.

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