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Probate & Administration Of Estates

Probate & Administration Of Estates

Losing someone close brings a sad and a difficult time.

We offer professional advice in a sensitive manner appreciating that our clients may be in grief and in need of legal direction and reassurance. The term probate refers to the process whereby the Probate Office (which is a government body and part of the High Court) formally recognises a Will as being the last Will of somebody who has passed away and authorises the carrying out of the terms of the Will. The document is called a Grant of Probate.

In a case where a person passes away without having made a Will they are said to have died “intestate”. In this case a family member will carry out a very similar process and distribute the estate to those who are entitled in accordance with the law. The document that they obtain from the Probate Office in this case is called a “Grant of Administration Intestate”.

We give specialist advice to executors and trustees in administering estates in Ireland and abroad. Relying upon extensive experience, we offer practical solutions to complex problems which can arise in the administration of estates. This may include advising on solutions such as disclaimers or deeds of family arrangement.

We can provide advice and guidance in the administration of estates when no Will have been made (intestate estates) and in often complex situations where it is necessary to trace back through two or more deceased estates which were not administered in the immediate aftermath of the death of the loved one.

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